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Belt or suspenders?
Belt or suspenders?

Such necessary means of "maintaining the pants" have now become outsiders. Such once-necessary means of "maintaining the pants" - in the literal sense of this phrase - today, in fact, have become outsiders.

Belts, and even more so suspenders, become invisible for most men, like, say, socks. No, of course, there are men for whom the choice of these accessories is more than a serious matter and the logo indicated on them is often the main motivation for choosing. However, more often than not, representatives of the stronger sex underestimate the stylistic significance of belts and suspenders. And absolutely in vain.


The practice of "hanging" trousers over the shoulders is now considered obsolete. This item seems useless and unfashionable: first of all, clothing itself has evolved, therefore, suspenders today can be seen only on a select few.

However, this accessory has not been canceled, so it can be seen both on the catwalks and in life. But not every man focuses on this, because with the help of suspenders, worn without a jacket or vest, you can easily create a certain stereotype image. A little tired, but still a banker personifying success … A well-known lawyer capable of conquering any height …

Belt or suspenders?
Belt or suspenders?

And even though clowns are so fond of suspender pants, in reality, they are rarely worn by people who want to make others laugh. Rather, the opposite is true.

What kind of jewelry to give a girl?
What kind of jewelry to give a girl?

Today, the functionality of suspenders has clearly faded into the background: they declare themselves and their wearer loudly, not wanting to remain in the shadows. Bright red against a pale blue shirt, deep blue against a pale pink background, or even golden on white, suspenders, without exaggeration, make an image. It is the monochromatic braces that are relevant: any patterns or even stripes are definitely excluded. But the simplicity is offset by the saturation of the color, which you can choose yourself.

This accessory is the place to be in your evening wardrobe: Think of Daniel Craig's silk moire suspenders at Casino Royale. Iridescent silk always gives solemnity to the look, so only one braces will set the tone for your image.


Today nobody needs to explain the purpose of the belt: this accessory is ubiquitous and obligatory. But it is surprising that, like the suspenders, the belt gradually loses its functionality, because in most cases trousers can hold perfectly well without it.

That is why the decorative function of this accessory comes to the fore: it often testifies to the status and style preferences of its owner. Belts can be conditionally subdivided into "classic" and "informal". Classic options are usually made from dark leather, have a minimum of details and can be worn every day, preferably with a suit. Informal models imply the absence of any rules: they can be sewn from any material, have any color and the most unimaginable details. A men's wardrobe should have at least 10 belts of various textures and widths. Wider models are suitable for less formal clothes, boots, jeans and other casual items. The thinner the belt, the more sophisticated the garment should be. However, the combination of an elegant thin belt with classic blue jeans will be no less spectacular.

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