Man in color: user guide
Man in color: user guide

Is it only girls who are supposed to wear bright and shiny? Only you can choose. From the very beginning of kindergarten, the color of clothes, in fact, becomes a "secondary sex characteristic." Only girls are supposed to wear bright dresses and shiny shoes: more restless boys, as if by agreement, are dressed in “non-marking”. Further more.

And by the beginning of an independent life, the average young man firmly learns that the color palette of his wardrobe is limited to black, gray, blue and brown. Therefore, if a man suddenly puts on a bright red sweater, he instantly stands out from the crowd. Meanwhile, in men's fashion, everything has been different for a long time: color reigns on the catwalks for many seasons in a row. It remains only to figure out exactly how to include it in your everyday wardrobe, especially if you are not a show business star and not a representative of bohemia.

Rule one: use bright colors in accessories

Color is best used to enhance your look. Bright accessories are a great way to reflect your great mood. For example, just one belt of a juicy shade is able to completely transform even the most strict image. A bright blue, green and red belt is the best choice for the stronger sex, who are wary of bright colors. Such an accessory will perfectly fit into the daytime wardrobe, especially in combination with jeans and a white shirt. And in the evening, it is fashionable to wear a colored belt even with a classic black suit: you are guaranteed a club look!

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Rule two: wear only one bright thing

One bright thing is sure to draw the attention of others to you. Two will make you look like a clown. Especially if we are not talking about an accessory, but about the main thing. For example, a forest green trench coat is best paired with neutral trousers, say, in brown. In this case, it is better to choose a classic cut of things: complex things will already oblige.

Rule three: consider your natural color type

The darker your skin, the more vibrant colors you can afford. Among the pastel shades, of course, you can also choose your own, but in most cases, against the background of swarthy or tanned skin, they may seem faded. And more muted (but not faded!) Tones will suit the owners of fair skin.

Rule four: do not skimp on bright things

Did your parents tell you that you shouldn't wear fuchsia clothes? If so, they were wrong. Such a thing can take its rightful place in the wardrobe of any man, but on condition that it is a) of exceptional quality; b) a solid brand. The brighter the color, the better the material and execution should be. Otherwise, the rule applies: a hot pink shirt for $ 10 will definitely look like it costs no more than $ 2.

Rule five: use the principle of layering

If you still think that a piercingly bright shirt is too much, put on a thin sweater of a neutral shade over it. A bright accent in your wardrobe will be present, but in much less concentration. This technique can be used even in summer by wearing a white polo shirt over a thin vibrating turtleneck.

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Rule six: use close tones

If you still want to wear several colored things at the same time, follow a simple rule: the shades must be "from the same family." For example, a bright tie color can overlap with prints of the same tone on a shirt.

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